Sunday, August 3, 2014

A Bit of Everywhere

Charred Ponderosa near Choss Roof

Sandstone pillars in Pumphouse Wash

A crowded weekend in the Hinterlands

Choss Roof, Unscathed by the recent Slide Fire

Renegade Roof, also unaffected by the Slide Fire

Double Decker Highball Roof on the Lower Kelly Canyon Rim

Fossil Knobs growing out of Slab

More Sea Fossils

New Water Polished Limestone Roof( much bigger than it looks) in a recently explored area near the South Rim of Grand Canyon
Thomas high steps into the crux of Cerebral Aneurysm last winter.

Ninja Strike, can't even do it.
Catching the last rays of light on a highball slab fa

dipped in butter dyno from Sam T on Vimeo.

Been trying this project again since the road re opened, have fallen at the dyno at least 15 times now....

Friday, July 25, 2014

New Canyon Country

Summer is always good for scoping new potential winter climbing areas. Temperatures were in the 100's and mosquitoes we're horrendous. We will return when it's cold...
Elk Skull

Riverbed Limestone boulders with knobs

Fossil and seashell covered limestone

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Monster of Priest Draw

Afters years of searching for new mega roofs, I find exactly what I am looking for right off the road before Priest Draw. Unfortunately this roof resides in a private driveway, and after speaking with the homeowner permission is not given to climb. Apparently ancient spirits and negative energy resides under this roof and is better left undisturbed.
Cursed Roof. Perfect featured limestone, biggest and proudest at Priest Draw

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Hunting for Lockness..

Nice little roof with tick marks from a bygone era

Usually when you finally find a monster, it's blank. what a shame

working out the dismount

Tyler getting worked on Overhaul

Saturday, June 28, 2014

James Canyon Forest Freshies

Project. One line out an otherwise featureless roof, the landing out the ending takes a big drop off the edge of a small cliff. 

Mostly jugs at the Cliffside Roof, the topouts are just over the edge of a nice 15 -20 ft drop. 
The opening moves on Overhaul, on the Cliffside Roof. photo by Thomas Maxson
first ascent of Overhaul, a nice long jug haul through featured horizontal roof. photo by Thomas Maxson
 Project, photo by Thomas Maxson

only brought 2 right shoes out today, still worked ok

An Oldie from this Spring at BVB Roof
Sparklejockey from Matt G on Vimeo.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Kelly Canyon

While some of the limestone roofs can get a bit greasy during warm summer months...the sandstone overhangs of Kelly Canyon offer a great change of pace . Textured rock, unique style of movement and plenty of shade can be easily found here, as well as a few sick highball lines.

Pressure Drop from Matt G on Vimeo.

Hanuman, a nice overhanging arete just left of pressure drop established by John Crawley a few years back. Photo by Tamara Hastie, check out her work at