Monday, April 11, 2016

Bubonic, Blimp and Priest Draw

Thomas working the last line on Blimp Roof

2nd ascent of new roof in West Fork Rim
Putting in the work onThrowback at Priest Draw

West Fork Hinterlands

First ascent of Bubonic Roof V10

Thomas working the moves of Bubonic Roof

Bubonic Roof
Blimp Roof- First Ascent of Ravenous V12
2nd ascent of Scalp Collector V8

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Working the sds to Scalp Collector

Thomas on Scalp Collector V7 First Ascent

Back to the Arete Project again..

Tim on Trailside Roof V8

Tim on Trailside Roof V8

Nice sandstone boulder in Chevelon Canyon

Sandstone knobs

Sunday, January 3, 2016

First ascent of Nosebleed Arete- V6

Danny on the 2nd ascent of Mongoose on the Hunt V6

Thomas on the 2nd ascent of Groom's Regret, an amazing 25 ft highball following a perfect blue streaked arete.
Grey Havens

Energizer solo at the pit

Centex-V10 Blimp Roof- photo- Blake Mccord

Isamer taking the 2nd ascent of Black Widow V5- Grey Havens

Jimmy flashing Money Shot- Priest Draw- photo: Ken Etzel

Thomas-Padre's Angels photo: Ken Etzel

Wizard's Duel V9- Debt Ceiling photo: Ken Etzel
Sparkle Jockey- V10- BVB Roof photo: Ken Etzel

Monday, June 8, 2015

Flagstaff Hinterlands & Virgin Gorda

Roof section of Into the Black V8 X- Virgin Gorda
Into the Black, 2nd ascent.
Jimmy on the first ascent of Into the Black, high up on the headwall
First ascent of a Highball roof in Lower Kelly Canyon
Thomas trying Fat on the Inside
Jimmy trying the Cold Blooded project on Blimp Roof
First ascent of Nosebleed Arete V6 
Making a repeat of Egg Powered Laser Beam Direct V12, at Renegade Roof. This was the first repeat without the landing
Oceanside Bouldering in Virgin Gorda
Jimmy  making the 3rd ascent of The Widowmaker
Watching the first ascent of Into The Black
Another shot of Jimmy on the roof section of Into the Black
First ascent of The Apocalypse Crack- V6 

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Jack flashing Cerebral Edema


Steep crimper project

Jack on the FA of Nautilus
Danny in the crux of the scary highball, Wendigo.
Tyler Wade on One-Two Punch
Thomas nabbing the 2nd ascent of Grapevine Arete'
Danny on the 2nd ascent of Trailside Roof. Photo by Tamara Hastie
Danny takes a lap up Padre's Angels

The Wendigo from Matt G on Vimeo.