Friday, April 11, 2014

Petrified Wave and other Freshies

petrified wave from Sam T on Vimeo.
Don't fall or you'll end up like this...
Burnt Cow
Crux Dyno of the Petrified Wave- First ascent
Sam on Petrified Wave

Friday, March 28, 2014



Eyes Wide Shut 

The Salted Slug
Beach sand landing under a fresh roof
Dwd Project

Apocalypse Crack Project

Ridin' Dirty Roof- Jackass Canyon 

Vermillion Cliffs outside of Page AZ

cutthroat from Sam T on Vimeo.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Near and Far

Slab of Destiny

Padre's Angels-Just another classic highball
Padre's Angels
Working the Driftwood Project

Thomas on the Driftwood Project
Drop Zone Center-Ken Etzel Photo

Hueco Tanks, El Paso Texas

North Mountain Roof Project

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Roofs Seldom Seen

         Back in October my friend and former Flagstaff local Ken Etzel rolled through town to shoot photos of my friends and I climbing on the Mega roof circuit surrounding Flagstaff. We embarked on 5 days of Horizontal Madness, climbing in all the rarely visited and newly developed limestone zones, repeating classics and establishing several new lines at Choss and Widowmaker Roof. It was great revisiting roofs seldom climbed at, and a good test of skill and nerve to repeat some of the bold lines at Renegade, Blimp and Widowmaker Roof. Several of the best lines are extremely intimidating due to the height, requiring a mini free solo to complete the route. The photos give insight to climbs that captivated me for a while and will hopefully inspire a few motivated climbers to seek them out. Here's some shots that didn't make it into Rock and Ice's article, Raising Arizona. Thanks Ken for all letting us share these great photos, check out more of his work  at and
First Ascent of The Bitchmaker

Meatwrapping the jug side pull
Sam airing it out on the Second Ascent

Escaping unscathed from The Widowmaker

Egg Powered Laser Beam-Renegade Roof

Blimp Roof
Small crimps on the topout of Centex- Blimp Roof

BVB Roof
Sunrise at BVB Roof
Sam-BVB Roof
Thomas -BVB Roof

Angmar-Choss Roof
Angmar-Choss Roof

Sam on Battle of The Blobs-Choss Roof
Spider Pocket-Choss Roof

Danny feet first on Flat Black-Priest Draw

Casey works through the belly of Choss Roof

Dustin reaching for double toe hooks on Pasty Gangster-Priest Draw
Spotted by Adrianne