Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Mogollon Roofs

Fishhooks right at Blue Ridge Roof-photo by John Burcham

Swivelhip -Blue Ridge Roof-John Burcham photo

Swivelhip-John Burcham Photo

Friendly Black Timber Rattlesnake

 Flesh Eater at The Megalodon Roof

Toxic Roof

Highball project

More projects

Jack at Megalodon Roof

And more roofs

Antonio trying Harpoon Hands at Blue Ridge Roof

The Upside Down

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Forest and Desert


'Clampdown' at The Underhill

Locust Roof



Jack climbing'Soap Cutter' at the Boeing Boulders in East Clear Creek


 another zone in ECC

Limestone boulders in Chevelon Canyon

Nick adds a new one

Nick trying 'Digside'

'Tower Station' first ascent